Tuesday 22 March 2011

Album Stream and short notice gig...

We played Bogstock on Saturday night at The Nags Head, High Wycombe. It was all in aid of raising monies for the toilets to be refurbed - win! We somehow managed to squeeze into the lads toilets at 12.30am with about 12/15 people. Through all the commotion of it all, a pint got spilt on the electronics and caused them all to short circuit. We continued playing after some noise back from the keyboards/pedals - we had a banger! Cheers to Tom Hart (Landlord) for letting us play! Silly really. Should be some video of it somewhere.

In other news, 
• you can now stream the whole album 'SET MENU' here! You can even pre-order the album while you listen away.
• a late one, but we are now playing in Reading this Sunday 27th March at The Butler [RG1 7DS] w/ The Long Haul (, Witch Cult ( and Valkillmer (no link) Come and go mental, so you're ready for the new week!!

Sunday 13 March 2011


Right we've got two crackin' gigs this week!

Thurs 17th - The Unicorn, Camden. w/ Smile + Theo

Sat 19th - The Nags Head, High Wycombe. BOGSTOCK [playing in the toilets!]

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Friday 4 March 2011

Album pre-orders are up!

HURRAH! You can now pre-order our debut album 'Set Menu' over at Dead Pilot Records! Go on, treat yourself. You've been good!