Friday 26 July 2013


Well we haven't updated this in a while! We are excited to be venturing out on a tour of mainland Europe in October through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Switzerland. The dates are from the 18th to the 26th.

Can you help or know someone that might be able to help put on a show for us?

In other news,
• we are now split between Brighton and London, but continue to finish writing the last songs for our next album. We're getting there.
• we now have merch for the first time in the form of a T shirt  (modelled picture to follow soon.) It's designed by our good friend Adam Laurence Hedley, who also designed the artwork we used for our album SET MENU.
• as always we are open to any show offers, so if you would like us to play for you, wherever it might be, please get in touch onemanteamdance [at] gmail [dot] com
• we are on twitter.

That's it for now folks.