Friday 22 April 2011

Tour with Theo

We will be doing a UK tour with math rock one-man-band Theo between 21st-29th October, please get in touch if you want to book us!  If you haven't heard him, check out this video of him playing at Supersonic Festival a couple of years ago:

A Million Million Cubic Feet Of It

Theo | Myspace Music Videos

Monday 11 April 2011

Gig and a video..

We are playing in Brighton this Wednesday with Negative Pagasus + You Two @ The Cowley Club. 8pm. £2 donation.
Link to event page here!

Here is a video of us play Bogstock a few weeks back, in the mens loos of The Nags Head in Wycombe. Things got spilt, things got broken, things got fixed. Great evening!

Friday 8 April 2011

We are getting pumped!

Not long now till we fly over the pond to East coast America for a week tour with the great Orlandian party hounds International Auxiliary. Excited? Yes! Go listen to them and check out the other bands at Glowmobile Recording Company while you're there. Treat yourself! You've been good..

Review / lovely kind words from people:
[Click on the links for the review]

"Elsewhere I Can't Believe We Nearly Bought This is catchy in the most abstract way imaginable, with a few shouted lyrics about an Armando Iannucci sketch and..."
Lions At The Door

" a Casio-and-drums workout that probably required the duo to down a Gatorade after every song"
The Silent Ballet

"Now I'd like to introduce the greatest two-piece to come out of my horrible hometown (bit it up wycombe yo)."
zine and not heard.

We are always looking for people to review our debut album, so just get in touch if you want to review it for us! onemanteamdance [at] gmail [dot] com
Good day to you all!