Saturday, 28 May 2011

BBC Three Counties Radio & other news

So we've been asked to go to BBC Three Counties radio for a live interview on their BBC Introducing show Friday 10th June 7pm to 8pm. We've never been on the radio before so we're a little excited. Tune in then and listen to us mumble for a few minutes using this link below:

In other news:

 • We are just finishing up trying to book our French tour with Seal Of Quality for a week in June. We are gonna do a split for the tour with about 5 songs each on it.
 • We we're going to do a tour with Theo in October for a week in the UK, but we've since changed our minds and will be going to tour Europe instead!
 • We will be playing Nozstock festival in Bromyard, Herefordshire, on July 31st. This is our first show at a festival and we are chuffed to be playing. We'll be on The Bandstand, and the link to it is here: Also playing are the dudes from Heck Tate. Bosh!
 • Our album will be going to press very very soon, so we are expecting to have that in our hands within about 2 months hopefully. We will be looking to play some shows around then to try and get copies to you who want them. If anyone wants to put us on anywhere in the UK, we'll happily try and play for you if we can!

That's is for now really.
Stay classy people

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