Wednesday 2 November 2011

End of tour round-up.

Well our tour with Theo is done and what a bloody brilliant time we had, which included cheese parties, chips, tunnels, birthdays, police, and a circus big top. We we got to play in London, Manchester, Antwerp, Maastricht and Reims, with Paris unfortunately canceled due to police intervention.  Massive cheers to Dave/Good Rats for the lending of his incredible van Betty, Tommy Royds and guys in Mile End who let us play in their living room, the lovely people up in Manchester who had faith in a sweet funk band and for the great homemade flavoured booze, the guys at Scheld'apen for the best food we've eaten for a long time and for generally sorting us out proper good, Stefan /True Champions Ride On Speed, Charlotte and all of the wonderful people in Gent for having us at their excellent 'my little pony' themed house party, Kees and all at LBB, Maastricht for having us and giving us a great time in your special home, and thank you to Reims - Francesco/Clément and everyone involved with Deux Épis Asso. You guys are awesome and definitely know how to party hard. Cheers!

We got to play with some good bands too; a Manchester funk band whose name we don't know, True Champions Ride On Speed (BE), Juffage (US), Christof (NL), and the incredible Ahleuchatistas (US)

Getting to see Theo each night was a right pleasure too. He's a bit good. Big time.

Theo and ourselves will be doing the same again next year if all goes to plan, just a little bit longer and nearer the summer.

Nice one x

One Man Team Dance - Persistent Play Fighter. from Sam on Vimeo.

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