Thursday 8 December 2011

It's December already?

We played a couple of shows recently which we have been fully looking forward to playing and they were indeed bangers. Much thanks to both Doubledgescissor in London, who have been trying to get us down since January and Fcking the Night down in Brighton, who are cracking lads! We've been working hard on writing our 2nd album and we're pretty pumped with half of it now written, with the aim to have most of it written by the early side of next year. There should be a couple of collaborations we will be getting involved with also in the new year, so look out for them.

Our next gigs are not until the new year now so unless something last minute comes up that is us done for this year. It's been bloody marvellous! Absolute stonker of a year.

Thanks again to anyone who has bought our album. We really appreciate it. Everything of that goes towards recording the next one, so nice one!


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