Thursday 21 June 2012

New shows and interview

We've got some shows coming up:

2nd July @ Powerlunches w/ Guns of Knives + Everyone To The Anderson
14th September @ The Nags Head, Rochester w/ Theo
15th September @ One Eyed Dog, Southsea Fest, Portsmouth

We're really looking forward to playing Southsea fest, we're right at the bottom of the poster in tiniest writing but we're going to make up for that by playing really loud and really fast.

We recently played the amazing This is DIY venue at V22 in Bermondsey, you can hear some of our set along with us talking nonsense to the very nice people who run the radio station at V22.

We've picked up writing our album again after ages as we have been so busy, we hoping to record this by the end of the year.

We'd really like to play some shows up north so if anyone is able to put us on please get in contact, because like every sane person we'll be avoiding London like the plague while the Olympics is on.

Over and out.

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