Friday 4 October 2013

Tour is nearly upon us!

We excited to have our European tour just a few weeks away. I'm sure we'll keep another tour diary going, making sure to include pictures for your visual delight of our adventures. We'll have another T-Shirt available for tour, which you'll be able to order when we return at the end of the month.

European Tour October 2013

17 - High Wycombe (UK) Scorpio's Bar

18 - Amiens (FR) Grand Wazoo

19 - Hechtel (BE) Oude Pastorij

20 - Ghent (BE) House show 

22 - Paris (FR) Le Cantine de Belleville

23 - Reims (FR) L'appart Café

24 - Maastricht (NL) LBB

25 - Potsdam (DE) Black Fleck

26 - Leipzig (DE) Zoro

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